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Institute for Systems Biology, 2018—.

Maintenance and development of bioinformatics software, pipelines, and databases, including Dfam and RepeatMasker.

University of Montana, 2016—2018.

Design and development of innovative tools to visualize, process, and analyze mass spectrometry data. Java (Spark), SQLite, JavaScript (THREE.js, vue.js).

  • Rosen, Jebediah, et al. "JS-MS: a cross-platform, modular javascript viewer for mass spectrometry signals." BMC bioinformatics 18.1 (2017): 469.
  • Handy, Kyle, et al. "Fast, axis-agnostic, dynamically summarized storage and retrieval for mass spectrometry data." PloS one 12.11 (2017): e0188059.


Source code for selected projects is available at

sirus /, 2017—

I most recently rewrote my website platform in Rust in 2017, naming it sirus. It is currently built using the Rocket web framework, which I contribute to, and the Maud template engine.

jris, 2016—

I have been using the i3 window manager since mid-2016, and since then I have maintained a collection of small utility scripts to control wallpaper, volume, screen lock, screen brightness, multiple monitors, power management, and screenshots.

tasks list

Task list with time remaining and due date tracking originally intended for use as a homework planner. Written in Rust (Rocket) and JavaScript (vue.js).

Created 2016-12-03. Updated 2019-04-06.